It is important to identify which webbing kit you need

When several options are available:
1. count the total number of straps
2. measure strap width (at the slot, as the strap will have stretched in the middle)
3. measure the slot length*
* To measure the slot length, select the third strap in from either the left or right side of the chair/settee
and measure the distance from the front of the slot at the front to back of the slot at the back (see below).
Most of the 2 seater and 3 seater models have extra long straps that lace backwards and
forwards between the front and back slots in the middle of the settees (multi straps).
When this occurs we refer to the number of slots and not the number of straps see bottom of page

Measure from the top (do not turn the chair upside down)

It is important that you measure outside of the slot to outside of the slot as example below right

Use the same method for measuring settees, daybeds and footstools

If you would like us to process your order please email or ring us
(details at bottom of any page)
You should in conjunction with the order page be able to identify your model
If not please contact us
Chairs with horizontal fittings measure from the inside of the slot to inside of the slot as below
These chairs can be fitted rough side up to hide the ends of the straps on chairs that have back cushions without a cushion flap to hide the straps

Multi straps 3 in 1 (4 loops) and 5 in 1 (6 loops)

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