Ercol Straps over 1271mm

single straps (2 loops) lengths to 685mm (27″)


Select strap colour, webbing width, length between the slots, and quantities below

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Ercol Webbing Single Straps

Made to your requirements, 51mm (2inch), 38mm (1 1/2inch), 19mm (3/4inch),
3 in 1 (4 loops), 5 in 1 (6 loops), we can make any length. The 19mm (3/4) straps are the 38mm cut in half
If you would like us to process your order please email or ring us (details at bottom of any page)
If your chair has straps on the back as well as the seat. Please contact us as they are a different fitting
Over the past 90 years ercol has designed and sold over two hundred different designs for chairs and upholstery. Over the years that a model has been in production it has often undergone changes in the detailed design. Hence a given model may have different numbers of webs and different sized webs, depending on when it was made. It is thus important to identify the correct sizes when ordering your webs. click here for measuring instructions
Measurements are from slot to slot, outside edge to outside edge
PLEASE NOTE: the numbers on the back of some straps are ercol numbers and are NOT THE DISTANCE FROM SLOT TO SLOT, we can make straps from these numbers but prefer to have your slot to slot lengths for more accurate measurements (if you use ercol’s numbers you MUST indicate this in length between slots box)
If you prefer to discuss your requirements please give me a ring on 01768779741
we do in BEIGE or BLACK
How to Measure and Order: measure outside edge to outside edge and enter the size in the “length between slots” box, for “3 in 1” and “5 in 1” we will only need one slot to slot measurement (they will in most cases be the same length as the single strap next to them)

How to Order Example: If you require 5 x 625mm straps and 2 x 470mm x 51mm wide firstly click in your chosen colour box (beige or black) then strap width, then type of strap, then enter 5 x 625mm, 2 x 470 in the length between slots box then enter 7 in the quantity box and click add to cart you will be directed to “view cart” where you can see your order so far, if you need 3 in 1 or 5 in1 you can then click continue shopping and repeat the procedure clicking in box 3 in 1 or 5 in1 you can use “inch” instead of “mm” if you prefer. If you need straps of different widths you will need to “add to cart” each batch of different width straps

WIDTH of the webbing: 51mm(2″), 38mm(1 1/2″) or 19mm(3/4″) measure the width of the webbing at the slot as the webbing at the centre of the old strap will have stretched

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